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file10 Reasons Not to Document Code.png2018-12-13 06:45216 KB
fileAdulting.png2018-12-13 06:454110 KB
fileAgile Idling and Professional Procrastination.png2018-12-13 06:45138 KB
fileAI Based on If Else Statements.jpg2018-12-13 06:4555 KB
fileAmbiguous Client Requirements for Devs.png2018-12-13 06:45214 KB
fileArbitrary Forecasts.png2018-12-13 06:453925 KB
fileAssembly for Python devs.jpg2018-12-13 06:4570 KB
fileAvoid Using Dark Patterns.jpg2018-12-13 06:4578 KB
fileBeing a Successful Human Paintbrush.png2018-12-13 06:45166 KB
fileBeing Friends with Gay Furries.jpg2018-12-13 06:4586 KB
fileBlame the other guy.png2018-12-13 06:45213 KB
fileBlaming the Architecture.png2018-12-13 06:455574 KB
fileBlaming the User.png2018-12-13 06:454202 KB
fileBloated JabbaScript Frameworks.png2018-12-13 06:453994 KB
fileBreaking the Back Button.png2018-12-13 06:452342 KB
fileBuilding Web Forums with Server-Side Code.png2018-12-13 06:45151 KB
fileBuzzword-first Design.jpg2018-12-13 06:4585 KB
fileCarpa Funnel.jpg2018-12-13 06:4549 KB
fileCasual Sexism.png2018-12-13 06:45891 KB
fileChanging Stuff and Seeing What Happens.jpg2018-12-13 06:4579 KB
fileChoosing a Javascript Framework.png2018-12-13 06:45220 KB
fileChoosing Based on GitHub Stars.png2018-12-13 06:454102 KB
fileCleaning Up Crappy Code.jpg2018-12-13 06:4567 KB
fileCoding Drunk.jpg2018-12-13 06:4547 KB
fileCoding on the Weekend.jpg2018-12-13 06:4591 KB
fileCooking the Perfect Spaghetti Code.png2018-12-13 06:45183 KB
fileCopying and Pasting from Stack Overflow.jpg2018-12-13 06:4580 KB
fileCreating an average website.jpg2018-12-13 06:4566 KB
fileDebugging - How to Sell Your Soul.png2018-12-13 06:45187 KB
fileDebugging Segfaults for Masochists.jpg2018-12-13 06:45466 KB
fileDeleting Code.jpg2018-12-13 06:4565 KB
fileDeleting Failing Unit Tests.png2018-12-13 06:45104 KB
fileDeleting Swear Words from Git Commits.png2018-12-13 06:45155 KB
fileDesign Fads.png2018-12-13 06:45465 KB
fileDROP TABLE animals.png2018-12-13 06:45309 KB
fileEnless Boilerplate.png2018-12-13 06:455732 KB
fileExcuses for Not Writing Documentation.png2018-12-13 06:453346 KB
fileExcuses for Not Writing Unit Tests.jpg2018-12-13 06:4586 KB
fileExcuses to Miss Meetings.png2018-12-13 06:452624 KB
fileExiting Vim.png2018-12-13 06:454745 KB
fileFear of Missing Out.png2018-12-13 06:453434 KB
fileFearlessly Shilling Rust.png2018-12-13 06:45156 KB
fileFeature Creep.gif2018-12-13 06:45121 KB
fileFiddling with the Padding.png2018-12-13 06:455036 KB
fileFitting Actual User Data into the Design.png2018-12-13 06:454393 KB
fileFizz Buzz.png2018-12-13 06:452704 KB
fileFunctional Programming in Java.png2018-12-13 06:45155 KB
fileGender Neutral Programming Languages.jpg2018-12-13 06:4580 KB
fileGenerating Bash scripts.png2018-12-13 06:45114 KB
fileGetting an Arduino LED to Blink.png2018-12-13 06:454973 KB
fileGetting it to Work.png2018-12-13 06:453011 KB
fileGetting reddit karma.png2018-12-13 06:45123 KB
fileGood Enough to Ship.png2018-12-13 06:45944 KB
fileGoogleing the Error Message.jpg2018-12-13 06:4573 KB
fileGoogling for the Regex.png2018-12-13 06:454240 KB
fileHating on Any Language.jpg2018-12-13 06:4592 KB
fileHating on Laguages You Don't Use.png2018-12-13 06:453802 KB
fileHating Other Peoples Code.png2018-12-13 06:452216 KB
fileHello World in React.png2018-12-13 06:45196 KB
fileHiring Ninjas.jpg2018-12-13 06:4557 KB
fileHoping Nobody Hacks You.jpg2018-12-13 06:45109 KB
fileHow I Met Your Coder.png2018-12-13 06:45154 KB
fileHow to Correctly Name Errors in Code.png2018-12-13 06:45156 KB
fileHype Driven Development.png2018-12-13 06:452067 KB
fileIgnoring Depreciation Warnings.png2018-12-13 06:454230 KB
fileImplementing Dumb Features.png2018-12-13 06:456596 KB
fileIntellectual Poverty.jpg2018-12-13 06:4558 KB
fileIt Depends.png2018-12-13 06:453373 KB
fileJAVASCRIPT - The Borst Parts.png2018-12-13 06:45196 KB
fileJavascript The Good Parts.png2018-12-13 06:45193 KB
fileKeep Calm and Kick Ban.jpg2018-12-13 06:4558 KB
fileKeeping the Whole App in Your Head.png2018-12-13 06:453229 KB
fileLearning a New Language.png2018-12-13 06:45194 KB
fileLearning How Pointers Work.png2018-12-13 06:45188 KB
fileMemorizing Six Git Commands.png2018-12-13 06:454245 KB
fileModern JavaScript Frameworks.png2018-12-13 06:45213 KB
fileMoving Fast and Breaking Things.png2018-12-13 06:454341 KB
fileNodding Along.png2018-12-13 06:451559 KB
fileOh Fuck.jpg2018-12-13 06:4548 KB
fileOver-engineering Simple Problems.png2018-12-13 06:45199 KB
filePosting on Stack Overflow.png2018-12-13 06:45158 KB
filePostponeJs - Working with Promises in real.png2018-12-13 06:45187 KB
filePretending to Know About Stuff.png2018-12-13 06:452923 KB
fileQuality Assurance.png2018-12-13 06:452700 KB
fileRationalizing Your Awful Hackjob.png2018-12-13 06:454620 KB
fileReading Through Your Old Code.png2018-12-13 06:45170 KB
fileRefactoring Applications.png2018-12-13 06:45219 KB
fileRegex by Trial and Error.png2018-12-13 06:456015 KB
fileRemembering What to Google.png2018-12-13 06:455198 KB
fileResolving Broken Dependencies.png2018-12-13 06:452571 KB
fileResume Driven Development.jpg2018-12-13 06:4561 KB
fileRewriting Your Front End Every Six Weeks.jpg2018-12-13 06:4582 KB
fileRFC Anthrotrollogy.png2018-12-13 06:45181 KB
fileRolling your own CMS.png2018-12-13 06:452973 KB
fileShiny New Things.png2018-12-13 06:454466 KB
fileSolving Imaginary Scaling Issues.png2018-12-13 06:452620 KB
fileStupid Programming Puns.png2018-12-13 06:45164 KB
fileSubmitting Useless Pull Requests.png2018-12-13 06:45133 KB
fileSuch Data.png2018-12-13 06:455189 KB
fileTaking on Needless Dependencies.jpg2018-12-13 06:4569 KB
fileTechnical Debt Architecture.png2018-12-13 06:45155 KB
fileTemporary Workarounds.jpg2018-12-13 06:4585 KB
fileThanklessly Managing Open Source Software.png2018-12-13 06:453521 KB
fileThat Worked on My Machine.jpg2018-12-13 06:4545 KB
fileThe Art of Dead Code.png2018-12-13 06:45127 KB
fileThe Cyber.png2018-12-13 06:457340 KB
fileThe Guy Who Wrote This Is Gone.png2018-12-13 06:45204 KB
fileThis Get Here I.png2018-12-13 06:45175 KB
fileTrivial Details.png2018-12-13 06:451918 KB
fileTrolling for Solutions.png2018-12-13 06:45214 KB
fileTrying Stuff Until it Works.jpg2018-12-13 06:4568 KB
fileTurning Coffee Into Code.png2018-12-13 06:453666 KB
fileUseless Git Commit Messages.jpg2018-12-13 06:4578 KB
fileUsless Code Quality Metrics.png2018-12-13 06:452892 KB
fileVague Understanding of Computer Science.png2018-12-13 06:453193 KB
fileVariable Naming.png2018-12-13 06:45125 KB
filevi.jpg2018-12-13 06:4546 KB
fileVim for Nano Users.png2018-12-13 06:45164 KB
fileWeb Development With Assembly.png2018-12-13 06:45319 KB
fileWhatever Dan Abramov says to do.png2018-12-13 06:457073 KB
fileWhiteboard Interviews.png2018-12-13 06:45494 KB
fileWrite Useless Logs.jpg2018-12-13 06:4557 KB
fileWriting Code that Nobody Else Can Read.jpg2018-12-13 06:4578 KB
fileYou Dont Need Security.png2018-12-13 06:45187 KB
fileZ-Index 1000000.png2018-12-13 06:466575 KB